Feminists To Women: You’re Consenting To Sex Wrong

Article here. Excerpt:

'I’m not the first to observe that a lot of modern feminism consists of loud sloganeering about women’s choice and empowerment, behind a small subset of women looks down on other women and tells them they’re making the wrong choices. If you don’t believe me, try being a conservative woman (especially one who opposes abortion), or a stay-at-home mom, or someone who thinks the #MeToo campaign has become an out-of-control warlock hunt. We can also see this in the way feminists have taken a new step toward redefining sexual consent, the upshot of which is partly to tell other women that they are consenting to sex wrong.

Consent is the most basic and limited moral standard that you can apply to sex, but it has the virtue of being a clear and objective standard, and it is actually not controversial. You would also think that holding to consent as a standard would allow you to find enough male miscreants and female victims as it is. But I guess that doesn’t produce enough of them, or perhaps not of the right type.

So in the rush to find more victims—because every woman has got to be able to say #MeToo—and to find more perpetrators—because all men must be corrupted by the patriarchy—contemporary feminism has been slowly breaking down consent as a standard by trying to add extra conditions on top of it that are not clear and objective.'

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It's legal for a woman to secretly make fucking a guy contingent on how much he spends on her entertainment. But ultimately she need do nothing in return for a nice dinner date. But if she decides $100 at a restaurant is good for a blow-job, handie, fuck, anal, or any combination thereof, that's fine. Perfectly legal.

But if she says she'll let him breed her for $100 and he gives it to her and she fucks him, THEN it's illegal.

Go figure.

But should money change hands in that fashion, feminists as well as police figure she's on her own. A man who hires a hooker thus need be much less concerned about a false accusation.

Also I believe if a woman pays a man money for sex, likewise. Further since feminists style female hookers victims and male hookers as... not victims, it further makes more sense that by a woman paying a man for sex, she has no claim of anything around consent.

Given exculpatory evidence is required versus condemnatory evidence these days to prove consent vs. proving non-consent, the best thing to do is for a horny couple to record the woman handing the man some amt. of money (whatever, I suggest $1 or maybe 10 cents) before each and every sex act they engage in as she says "I pay you this specifically for sex with you."

Then they can fuck.

Now the man can give her the 10 cents back at any time should she want it back. That need not be recorded. Just the money going to the man.

From now on, every woman who wants to fuck me will have to submit to this process. Should I bang 2 or more at the same time, all of them'll need to pay me.

Question: if I have a MMFF or MMFFF or MMMMFF etc. fuck, do I need also to collect money from the guys?

Hmmmm. Better play it safe.

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Piss off.
We don't care what you think, you insufferable chuckle-monkeys. -_-

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