Company launches women-only workspace

Article here. Excerpt:

'2017 was the year of the woman. From the "Me Too" hashtag on social media to the "Times Up" movement, women stole headlines for speaking up about sexual harassment.

In the midst of this culture reckoning, two women in St. Petersburg started a company with a mission to create a safe work space for women.

The Doyenne Company offers a place for women to work, network, or socialize. Whether you work from home or need a break from your usual cubicle, everyone is welcomeā€¦.as long as you're a woman.'

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Because all men are dangerous animals

Really reveals the underlying and deeply entrenched sexist attitudes commonly held by women in western cultures.
All men are the same. Some men commit crimes against women. Therefore all men are dangerous. REALLY.
The really sad thing here is that so few intelligent people challenge this deeply flawed and hate fuelled behaviour.

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