Feminists Hate Men but Tell Women to Act Like Them

Article here. Excerpt:

'Modern feminism often paints men as tools of the patriarchy who use their power and privilege to oppress women—so why do feminists tell women to be more like men?

If you’ve ever taken a gender studies course or read up on feminist literature, you may have encountered the term “toxic masculinity.” It refers to traditionally masculine behavioral traits that can become “toxic” or “problematic” if left unchecked—such as dominance, competitiveness, or sexual aggressiveness.

Yet in their quest for equality, feminists have decided that women should embrace some of the very behaviors that they often refer to as “toxic.”'

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It's about giving women license to do as they desire: bang lots of guys, or don't. Personally I'm fine either way. The rub is this: feminists want women doing as they so desire to be accepted as an example of women being powerful while men doing as they will is to be roundly condemnable to the point of it being a jailable offense *should some woman choose it to be*.

The common feature is: the girl decides and the state enforces it.

Power. It's all about power.

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This is something (among many other things) I do not understand about feminism.
They hate men, yet want us (women) to behave as men!
Evidently masculinity is only "toxic" when exhibited by MEN.
Mmm... yes.., that all makes perfect sense, when you (don't) think about it...

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