Chris Cuomo Tells RNC Chairwoman What Mansplaining Is

Article here. Excerpt:

'CNN’s Chris Cuomo tried arguing the definition of “mansplaining” with Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel during a Wednesday “New Day” segment.

“Part of the fallout wound up being the Senate panel interviewing the Homeland Secretary Nielsen and her saying she doesn’t recall. She got into it with Cory Booker. You accused Booker of mansplaining to Nielsen, Sec. Nielsen, who is of course a woman. Why? Why did you call it that?” Cuomo asked.
“How is it mansplaining? Just because she’s a woman, that’s what you’re saying. Because they talk to people like that all the time. They talk to men like that all the time,” Cuomo replied.'

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Another reason...

... for men to limit interactions with women only to absolute necessity. Of course when you're a gov't official charged with trying to keep other officials honest, this can be hard.

But by and large, avoiding unnecessary contact with females is a good strategy. A man soon finds his life much happier and freer from drama and bullshit when he does. Should western women one day get their senses back, things can change, but until then... limit contact.

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