Uni president exonerated in sexual misconduct investigation report, quits anyway

Article here. Excerpt:

'University of Rochester President Joel Seligman announced his resignation Thursday, just hours after the release of a report on sexual misconduct on campus.

The news came late Thursday afternoon, just as his silence on the Mary Jo White report was becoming conspicuous. That report, which examined the university's response to sexual misconduct allegations in the Brain and Cognitive Sciences department, largely approved the role Seligman and his cabinet played in the affair.

His decision to resign, though, was made before the White report came out.

In an email to the campus, he wrote: "It is clear to me that the best interests of the University are best served with new leadership, and a fresh perspective to focus on healing our campus and moving us forward in a spirit of cooperation and unity."'

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... once accused of whatever it is feminists on college campuses accuse you of. I wonder how long the next president of this particular school will last? I wouldn't apply to be a college garbage collector these days much less president. I think I'd feel the same way if I were female, too -- unless I was a feminist.

Why don't they just make a WST prof president and be done with it? So long as college admins are going to roll over to feminists and sexual misconduct hysterics, may as well just go whole hog.

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