New 'Feminist Business School' to Fight 'Masculine' Capitalism

Article here. Excerpt:

'People who yearn to become entrepreneurs may find guidance at the new Feminist Business School, an online program that aims to help women launch businesses founded upon the theory of “feminine entrepreneurship” and “body-loving business practices.”

Starting next week, the California-based Feminist Business School will play host to an eight-week online “Concepts and Conceptions” course, during which seasoned “midwives” will teach women about the stages of giving “birth” to a new business.

Each week of the course will focus on a different topic. Students will start with “getting grounded,” and will eventually progress into more advanced topics such as “the myth of meritocracy,” the “stages of birthing a business,” and “toppling the patriarchy.”'

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The *gasp* white male who is a brain surgeon isn't some genius with extraordinary surgical skills. He is a random benefactor of privilege. The Patriarchy secretly only cares if he is white and male. He could theoretically be replaced by any other white male. Meritocracy is a myth.

Social justice demands he be replaced by anyone non-white and male. Or a trans person. And in any case the result is the same.

It's a myth that to do brain surgery you need years of schooling, a very high IQ, and far-above-typical dedication. Heck, anyone can be a brain-cutter.


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