Police dept. holds women-only recruitment event

The St. Paul police department held a "women only" recruiting event. Excerpt:

'A first of its kind event in St. Paul on Saturday encouraged women of all ages to look into a career in law enforcement.

The police department hosted a "Women in Uniform Recruitment" opportunity.
The St. Paul Police Department has just more than 90 female officers, about 16 percent of the entire force.

"In recent years those numbers have dropped. Our last test last year, we had a real low number of women that took our entry-level police test," Dep. Chief Mary Nash said.

Nash said in the 90s there was a boom with female officers. She believes the recent national narrative of police impacts the numbers.

"Generating that interest and getting women into the pipeline to become police officers is really important," Nash said.'

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The sex of who does a job doesn't matter. Unless most ppl on the job are men. Then it does matter. Then steps must be taken to "fix" that, esp. if the job carries authority, prestige, or pays well.

But not if it doesn't. Then, it doesn't matter.

If one day your Constitutional rights get trampled on by a female police officer, it's much better than if it was a male. If so, then it wasn't so bad.


P.S. Notice they're recruiting "women of all ages". That is because they are ready to hire my grandmother (if she were still alive) just to bring up the female headcount numbers. They'd hand her a badge then sit her behind a desk to knit, pay her $50k/year or whatever it is rookie cops make in that dept., then add her name to the all-important gender ratio count. Your tax dollars at work.

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