Is Alimony the Last Feminist Taboo?

Article here. Some false information here but at least the question is being raised. Tough luck bitches. Excerpt:

'Phil was a great dad, but it wasn’t like he had sacrificed his career to take care of the children and domestic work. “He’s been working part time so he can do other things for his career,” she said. Meanwhile, they—she—paid for a part-time cleaning lady and full-time child care. “So that he could pursue his hopes and dreams,” she said.

While Andrea felt empathetic toward her ex—she still, despite everything, wanted him to be happy—there were practical concerns. For starters, she couldn’t afford to support two households in New York City.

And there was another uncomfortable thought roiling in the back of her mind: a sense that “if the roles were reversed” and she were in Phil’s shoes, if she were the lower-earning spouse, she might feel differently about the situation. “I feel so conflicted,” she told me. “On the one hand, I want to be like, ‘Sorry, it’s not my job anymore to support your lifestyle.’ On the other hand, if a man was speaking of his wife that way, we’d be like, ‘What an asshole.’”

Andrea wasn’t alone—not in being in this situation, or in feeling conflicted about it. In 2013, the number of households with kids under 18 featuring female primary breadwinners was 40 percent, according a study from Pew Research, up from 33 percent in 2005. And while as of 2010 only 3 percent of men received spousal support from their wives, that number might soon jump. “It’s a huge issue,” says Elise Pettus, the founder of a New York–based support group for divorcing women called UNtied. “And there’s a big backlash against it,” she says, in part because many of the women divorcing now—who, like Andrea, come from Generation X or older—find themselves caught between the views they grew up with and those of their parents, who came of age in the 1950s. “We all think we’re feminists,” Pettus says. “But our society hasn’t fully caught up.”'

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With more women on the alimony hook than ever before, of course the feminists/women of America are beginning to say, Hmm, is that really a good idea? Feminism is not about equality. It's about goodies. Women/feminists are fine with inequality of income/wealth distribution provided it favors them. They are ruthlessly and shamelessly hypergamous creatures. As broadly generalizing and SEXIST as it sounds I can speak only from experience: I have yet to meet a single human female who is not ruthlessly acquisitive (with as little work as possible) and hypergamous. Now I don't say that as a criticism per se; they are after all only doing what their limbic systems tell them to do. However I do like to remind people that indeed, that is the beast you are playing with. I don't blame lions for being carnivorous and ruthless killers of gazelles, etc., because it is in the nature of the beast. Just don't use that fact to make you feel like it's safe to just go pet one at random. Likewise knowing full well female hypergamy and materialism is the inevitable consequence of h@ving a female's brain doesn't reduce the danger to you when dealing with them.

Nonetheless, it is time for alimony to just fucking die. Over, done, period. MAYBE split current resources fairly (and may I say I support GENUINE fairness, not this ridiculous system that makes 8 hours of childcare compensated in some cases at $4500/hr. and at others at $3/hr, which BTW doesn't make sense, as the kids are HERS anyway and always have been).

As much as possible I encourage men to avoid women who don't work esp. if you are actually going to do the silly thing of marry one. If you do actually get married, make sure she makes as much as you or more and if she quits after you get married, divorce her ASAP. Don't let a woman live off you. If things go south and there's a gov't document involved, she will rip you off blind. Don't do it. And why did these people have kids? Ridiculous. Kids in NYC. Stupid.

Some people seem to think a place like NYC is the *only* place to live. False. So false. When I hear New York City-ites bitch about the costs, etc., I say, "Just fucking move and stop bitching." That shuts them up. If you can't stand the prices, don't live in Manhattan. It's that simple.

The woman in this story was stupid. She married a useless layabout. He was stupid for replicating with her. They're both stupid for blowing what little money they have between them on a NY residence.

If I were a judge, I'd find them both stupid and condemn them to live with themselves for the rest of their lives. I have ZERO sympathy for people who make their own lives difficult by doing what they have always done, not liking it, then continuing to do it anyway. Stupid is as stupid does.

Oh yeah, Elle is a useless rag good only for lining bird cages. Thank you.

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