Christina Hoff Sommers: Here's What's Wrong With Feminism In The Age Of Trump

Article here. Excerpt:

'In a recent interview with Spiked Review, Christina Hoff Sommers said feminism has officially gone off the rails in the age of Trump. "It's all quite absurd," said the American Enterprise Institute resident scholar. "This is not how men came to power. These are antics that reinforce some of the worst stereotypes about women. And it’s just going to isolate the movement and not make it more attractive."

In the interview, Hoff Sommers, host of "The Factual Feminist" and author of multiple leftist myth-busting studies, addressed both the roots and results of the panic-stricken "resistance" brand of feminism and the social justice Left's "intersectionality" movement. Asked why she thinks feminism dominated the headlines this year, Hoff Sommers said the election of Donald Trump certainly "had a lot to do with it." No fan of Trump, whom she described as "problematic," Hoff Sommers said that, nonetheless, leftist feminists have embarrassed themselves in their response to him.

"[T]his election has created havoc among feminists – moderates and hard-liners," she said. "Even before he became president, many thought of the US as an oppressive patriarchy, but after his election many believe they’re living out Margaret Atwood’s Handmaid’s Tale. So they’ve gone into full resistance mode. For many people, including myself, Trump’s election was mortifying. He lacks a moral compass and the requisite knowledge to be a world leader. But for feminist hard-liners, Trump is the realization of their worst nightmare. Everything they’ve read in their gender-studies textbook about toxic masculinity and an oppressive patriarchy has all come true around them. But this is a distorted view. He’s problematic, but not for the reasons these feminists think."'

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