And people wonder why men avoid teaching

Article here. "Go look at postcards in the library, kids" = "Go watch porn, buhhh ha ha ha haaa!". Excerpt:

'Lincoln Elementary School art teacher Mateo Rueda had no idea what was in store for his career when he wrapped up a lesson Dec. 4 by telling students to look through some art postcards in the classroom library for examples of color usage in notable paintings.

The cards, which were part of an educational package called “The Art Box” produced by Phaidon publishing, were placed in the library before Rueda began working at the Hyrum school. He knew the set portrayed a wide variety of classic artworks, but he has since said he was not aware that three or four of the 100 pieces featured in the box showed nudity.

Before the week was out, Rueda would find himself at the center of a controversy at the school, would be contacted by police after someone filed a classroom pornography complaint against him, and would eventually be out of a job.

The situation came to light Wednesday when The Herald Journal published a letter from the mother of one of Rueda’s students complaining about the art teacher’s dismissal and praising his work with students.
Rueda, a native of Colombia, came to Cache Valley to earn a master’s degree in fine art at Utah State University, and in his six years here he’s made a mark on the community through several well-received painting exhibits and his contacts with area businesses.

“I’ve worked professionally and very well with a lot of people. A lot of people know me and know my character. The terms of termination are belittling of my character, and to that end they are a defamation of character,” he wrote. “My intent when it comes to the hearing has noting to do money or anything like that, but it has to do with exercising my right to be heard so that I can have a clean name, a clean reputation. … This could be something that follows me for the rest of my life.”'

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... appeared to me in a vision and ordered me to go become a middle school teacher, I'd say I wanted it in writing from Him that He'd use divine intervention at all times to keep me from being persecuted by nutty paranoid feminists and parents.

In writing. Signed. Notarized. Triplicate.

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