UK: Miniature masterpiece? No, yet more man-hating propaganda: Christopher Stevens reviews last night's TV

Article here. Excerpt:

'At first The Miniaturist (BBC1) promised to reimagine Daphne du Maurier’s mad nightmare of a masterpiece, Rebecca — in which a young bride finds herself trapped in a Gothic mansion, with a distant husband and a cruel tyrant of a housekeeper controlling her every step.

No such luck. By the end of this two-part costume drama, set in Olde Amsterdam, it was revealed as yet another man-hating slab of tedious feminist propaganda.

Every woman was noble, resourceful and self-sacrificing, while the male characters were a bunch of spineless creeps.
Romola Garai as Marin, Johannes’s strong-minded sister who had turned her back on marriage to look after her feeble brother’s business, had the best role. At first she seemed cruel but then — gasp — was revealed to be noble, resourceful and self-sacrificing.

Of course she was: she’s a woman. So, too, was the ‘miniaturist’, an elusive and ghostly figure in a cloak.

At last she spoke, and proved herself noble, resource... oh, you know the rest.'

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I am British.
I watched about 20 minutes of this rubbish, saw it for what it was, and promptly switched off the telly. -_-

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