Fanboys reporting on "The Last Jedi": This movie hates men/fathers

There are so many fanboy reports on "The Last Jedi" denouncing it as a misandrist franchise-killer, YouTube had to create a mix for it. One such report:

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I figured before wasting money to see it

Given Disney's recent turn to misandry, I already knew what this film would look like. I was confirmed when I read a Mark Hamill interview in which he said, basically, this Luke Skywalker is not his Luke Skywalker, not even close. Based on the reviews, the script-writers set out to make all male characters out to be either idiots or malignant jerks while the one female character runs around kicking ass and taking names, requiring nothing from the male characters in any form except in that they either die or go away, making her life so much better for it.

In order to be an entertaining work of fiction, the story must be believable, even if you know it's a work of fiction. A world where the most powerful men in it are all incompetent boobs or malignant vermin and the one female character is magically independent of anything men do is simply not believable. Daily life experience shows these portrayals to be utterly unrealistic, making the movie patently absurd. Suspending disbelief is necessary for a work of fiction to succeed as such but the audience needs a reason to suspend disbelief. Plot lines like this one make that all but impossible.

I might be bothered watching some of this movie when it's available to watch without charge. Until then, I am of the opinion that the franchise should have ended with the original "Star Wars" film. Everything after that pretty much sucked in comparison.

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And the plot really sucked

OMG, this is hilarious. Def NSFW.

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The Force isn't with Star Wars, anymore.

My goodness! A lot has happened since I was here last!
The destruction of Star wars, among other things.
I keep reading the Hollywood critics reviews and the viewing public's reviews and it's as if they are describing 2 different films, entirely! The Hollywood critics wax eloquently about what a fine film The Last Jedi is, yet the viewing public's reviews tell quite another story, I dare say.
The one thing that turns up in the viewing public's reviews is the subject of "misandry". I have no doubt that this is, indeed the case, after seeing The Force Awakens, I knew that this anti-male propaganda was here to stay, in the Star Wars franchise.
I have not seen "The Last Jedi", nor do I plan to see it. EVER.
I wouldn't see a movie that disparages women or half-filipina, Brits (as I am all the above), nor would I want to see a movie that disparages any demographic, out of sheer hatred towards said demographic. We already had that era, in World War II, courtesy of anti-Jewish Nazi propaganda films. In my opinion, there is NO DIFFERENCE between those Nazi propaganda reels and what Disney is using Star Wars to do. INDOCTRINATE THE MASSES.
You know what? I shan't be seeing ANY more Hollywood films, at all, because 99.9% of them are nothing more than political propaganda, these days. Mostly aimed against men. particularly straight white men.
I am sooo tired of having SJW and feminist dogma crammed down my throat, I simply want to sick up!
We go to the movies to ESCAPE politics and the woes of everyday life. Not sit in a theatre being lectured to about the very things we go to the movies to GET AWAY FROM, IN THE FIRST F#@KING PLACE!
I am just fed up of it all!
I think I will simply stick with Yorkshire stage productions, foregoing film, altogether.
At least the theatre still knows how to entertain their audience and not push political propaganda down our collective gullets!
Good God! (-_-)

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I'm with you, 100%, Matt.
Well said!

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Glad you're back...

... and not just b/c you agreed w/ me re something. :) You always have incisive things to write.

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