TVLand Sitcom Mocks Extreme Man-Hating Feminism in the Classroom

Article here. Excerpt:

'With the onslaught of feminist propaganda in the media and man-hating becoming the latest trend, the only solution is to laugh at it all the way. As a sitcom, TVLand’s Teachers attempts to do its part by showing us how ridiculous extreme feminism can look in real life. At least, I hope that’s what it’s doing.

The December 5 episode “Hot Date” features a subplot about Chelsea Snap (Katy Colloton) confronting the idea that she may have a gender bias. Mostly, it comes from the fact that she never calls on girls to answer questions in her science class. When her fellow teacher Feldman (Cate Freedman) calls her out on her inherent bias, Chelsea decides to turn things around in the way only a feminist can: crushing the patriarchy of a small boy.
For what it’s worth, Feldman later informs Chelsea after that scene that tearing down boys doesn’t solve any gender bias. While that gives some sense to the show, I fear our current third-wave feminism, with its bold declarations about how men deserve to be murdered or die out, might be more on board with Chelsea’s methods. Sadly, real-life feminists aren’t nearly as intentionally funny.'

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No. There are other, better solutions other than acquiescence, which is what laughing at it is. For one thing, men can stop acting like pussies and stand up to the women of #MeToo and while we're at it, feminists in general. Men can get organized and launch a counter-offensive on every front: economic (withhold material support of women), social (withhold cooperation with women), personal (eschew relationships with women).

That's for openers. Next, prioritize replacing women as sexual and reproductive methods for men. By this I refer to sex-bots and ectogenesis. If men prioritized these two things, the need for women in men's lives as a basic biological matter would be mitigated. It is well within our means to eliminate the need for women going forward.

At the moment, it's a race for our race. Feminists have created an agenda and are executing it. The eventual aim is to take over the civilization that men built and manage it so that men are reduced to 10% of the population and are left with no rights to speak of. Their agenda is a far-reaching plan that they are only beginning to execute. Ordinary women seem down with this plan, with a few exceptions. The best strategy for men to take is a counter-attack and a race-changing (not game-changing, but race-changing, as in, the human race) one, such that Humanity 2.0 is the result.

AI is unavoidable, along with the attendant mass un- and under-employment, as technology develops ITSELF to unimagined heights. The population will thankfully begin to implode and the benefits of it will quickly become apparent. The value of human life will decrease rapidly and so it will be to those who can out-think and out-plot to claim the planet as theirs. Humanity 2.0 will be those people (err, half-people) and because of the war on men that feminists have started, the principle adversaries will be men and women. Men would be wise to take this trajectory seriously and execute a counter-offensive sooner rather than later.

Can this vile future be stopped? Yes. But ONLY if the feminists are stopped. Women seem unwilling or incapable as a class of dealing with their nutty sisters in feminist circles. Some I believe even rather like what their nutty sisters are doing. So it's up to men to stop them, by hook or by crook. Until more than less-than-1% of the male population realizes what is going on and joins the MRM, it won't happen.

"Worse before it gets better" -- Yes, only so long as men wait and do nothing. The longer we do nothing, the worse it will get.

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