"The View" co-host has her own sexual assault skeletons

Joy Behar, co-host of the daily talk show "The View", a frequent critic of men sexually harassing women (in particular, of Donald Trump), apparently has her own issues. A picture was recently uncovered showing her clearly grabbing Robin Williams' crotch in a supposed moment of levity. Snopes has confirmed the photo as authentic. Snopes, you will note, tries to wave off Behar's behavior as tolerable if not acceptable since she was not in a "position of power" relative to Williams. So, that makes it right? From the Snopes page:

'And so, although the photograph is authentic, criticism of Behar neglects to mention that Williams never lodged complaint—and later joked with her about it publicly. Behar is also not a public official (let alone the president of the United States), nor was she ever in a position of power or authority over Williams, one of the era’s most successful and well-known comedians.'

The double-standards and rationalizations never seem to end, do they?

ABC is the network to contact re Behar needing to go. Time for a new face in her seat. Contact ABC here.

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"Please see: http://news.mensactivism.org/?q=node/30764

If DJT talking about grabbing women by the p**** is wrong, how much moreso is Joy Behar actually grabbing men by the p****?

I think if Behar, and ABC, are going to be able to claim credibility and integrity, she has to be replaced by someone with much sounder judgment and a fair bit more respect for others, yet even men.

Fire Joy Behar and replace her. In the interests of diversity, perhaps it's time you added a man to the panel."

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I get weary of the trite argument--trotted out again by Snopes--that the gravity of an interpersonal offense (sexual or otherwise) is determined by relative power. The cultural left routinely uses this argument to give a pass to one of their own when it's convenient, but then they conveniently ignore it when it applies against one of their own. It's always used to excuse any "person of color" from having made blatantly racist statement, because people not-of-color (transparent people?) are the hegemonic group, which means that POC "can't be racist." The same argument is often adopted by feminists, who claim that women "can't be sexist" because power arrangements are against them (and if you believe that, I have something to sell you). So, bigotrix-in-residence at the View, Joy Behar, "can't be a groper and a hypocrite" because of relative power arrangements, or some such idiotic idea. Hypocrisy is hypocrisy is hypocrisy ... that doesn't depend on relative power.

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