Sen. Schumer Reportedly Called Police Over Fake Sexual Misconduct Case

Article here. Excerpt:

'In a failed smear-job against Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, instigators doctored fraudulent sexual harassment claims falsely attributed to the Democrat senator’s former female staffer.

Schumer has gone to law enforcement over the matter after Axios — who first reported the forged allegations — brought the documents to the lawmaker’s office for comment.

“The document is a forged document and every allegation is false. We have turned it over to the Capitol Police and asked them to investigate and pursue criminal charges because it is clear the law has been broken,” said Schumer’s communications director Matt House.

Adding, “We believe the individual responsible for forging the document should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law to prevent other malicious actors from doing the same.”

Additionally, the female staffer who is said to have filed the complaints against Schumer spoke to Axios and confirmed to the outlet that she was not, in any way, behind the charges. She even said the instigators forged her signature in an attempt to add credit to their libelous files, which they pitched to several media organizations before being discovered as frauds.'

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... being accused of quoting myself, please see:

And yes, I quoteth myself as follows:

'The environment is target-rich. Now that "the standard" is set, anyone is good. Pick men you don't like to start with and bring them down. The assholes. Everyone knows who they are. No one will miss them. No one will help them. Once that is established, go after the ones who happen to be in the way. Each man taken down is likely to be replaced by a woman. That pattern has already been established. Political offices are elected so that represents a challenge. But get the public to begin to believe that men are inherently incompetent to execute government administration (contrary to 1000s of years of history) and eventually, with enough women voting, the numbers will start lookin' good.'

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