Beware Of The Average White Man

Article here. Excerpt:

'I am afraid of the truth about being male, about the flawed consequences of being a creature driven by testosterone even with the capacity for reason, compassion, and ethical awareness.
And yet as the veneer is being peeled back from men as predatory monsters, average white men themselves are desperately asking what if things are going too far, what if all the men guilty of sexual assault and intimidation are held accountable.

Yes, what if? Reckoning is a frightening thing for the guilty, and each time I read about another man hedging for the accused and punished, I am reminded, with some due gender irony, “The lady protests too much, methinks.”

Today the white male student who wrote the ham-fisted essay about privilege conferenced with me about his essay, and I was struck by how even though he is identified as privileged, he is confronted with a different world than I was. In another first-year class, a black young woman came into class upset about Lauer; she immediately said she was disappointed.'

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... about Jews. But the Jews didn't write it themselves.

It reminds me of the Flagellants, essays like this written by men. A bizarre world indeed.

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The only good Indian is a dead Indian.

Except the Indians didn't say that. The white men did.

Feminist men are really screwed in the head.

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A person is mentally ill when they believe things that are contrary to the best interests of themselves and/or to reality. Enlightened self-interest is a reasonable compromise with Man's ideals. But for example a person who decides that his very nature is wicked and must be suppressed... this is akin to a lion deciding that being an obligate carnivore is inherently evil b/c such a being needs to kill other animals to stay alive, so he decides to stop hunting, living only off carrion, which is insufficient, until he withers and dies. Well when speaking of men perhaps a fair number of ppl today would like to liken us to carnivorous lions, but the analogy doesn't really go that far in its imagery such that the nature of a lion is equated with whatever constitutes the nature of men. Anyway, a biologist would label such thinking on the lion's part as counter-evolutionary.

Anything that reduces a being's ability to survive/thrive and in the abstract reproduce, is counter-evolutionary. For beings to evolve, they must either procreate or in the context of the highly social animal that is Man, they must support the propagation of the species so that collectively, the species thrives. Acting contrary to that is at least simply counter-evolutionary but at worst, in humans, and possibly more intelligent animals, a sign of insanity. One way a non-reproducing human can act consistently with the collective interests of humanity and thus keep evolution moving is simply to avoid major violations of reasonable social norms (i.e., refrain from violent felonies, thank you). Other ways include but are not limited to being a productive, contributing member of society. Inventing a really kewl new thingamajig's not a bad idea, either.

But re crazy... take an otherwise law-abiding person who commits suicide: that is counter-evolutionary. And since it destroys the sine qua non of the person's life, it is regarded as an act of insanity because it is so contrary to the vital interests of the suicide (barring extenuating circumstances, of course - there are always edge cases) that to execute the act is adjudged and rightly so a prima facie act of insanity, albeit a kind of insanity deserving of our compassion, as many others are as well.

The more severe the consequences for self-destructive behavior, the more toward "acting crazy" a person becomes. At some point, subject I suppose to opinion, a person starts behaving/thinking so contrary to his own interests and indeed contrary to the state of reality that he might be seen as clinically nuts.

A big piece of being insane is being out of touch with reality. This includes holding views/opinions that are not reflective of facts/reality. Classic examples include seeing fire where there is none (and this is indeed a kind of mental illness, terrifying for the afflicted), but at least in that case there is a highly objective condition in place that is usable for disabusing the afflicted of their opinion that a car, table, or even a person is on fire.

To believe that one is by nature or nurture inherently wicked, or evil... and that to make the world safer for everyone, he must relinquish his human rights and become a fawning servant of others, even if he has committed no crimes, his acts of self-deprecation and contrition existing to compensate others for his mere presence in the world... this is the life of a modern male feminist. It is not unlike a Jew in Wiemar Germany being a supporter ("ally", as in "feminist ally") of the Nazis. Such a person would rightly be adjudged to be insane.

I have said it before and will reiterate: A male feminist in this modern age is akin to a Jew who supported the Nazis in their rise to power. It's the same kind of crazy, just with two different identifications/ideologies. The net result is the same. The male feminist does and thinks in ways so contrary to reality and his own interests that his sanity is rightly questionable.

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