Is Feminism the Answer to Sexual Harassment?

Article here. Excerpt:

'One popular response to the daily casualty toll of harassers is to suggest that we should all embrace the feminist explanation of male/female relations. That boils down to “believe all women” because women don’t lie about these things. It’s hard to imagine a flimsier philosophy. As the New York Times’s Bari Weiss observed, this fetishizes women as “Truth personified,” which cannot withstand a second’s scrutiny. Of course women lie about these things. The Duke lacrosse team was falsely accused of rape, as was a University of Virginia fraternity. Remember the Scottsboro Boys? And a woman working for the ironically named Project Veritas attempted to sting the Washington Post by spinning a false tale about Roy Moore (in hopes of discrediting the Post and Moore’s truthful accusers).

Women are often victims, but they are not angels. Yes, powerful men abuse their positions to get sex. But any serious reckoning with sexual misbehavior has to take account of the women who use their sexuality to gain advantage too. Just as everyone knows men who’ve harassed, they also know women who’ve slept their way to the top.
Beyond partisanship, the feminist record is unhelpful. From the inception of “second wave” feminism in the 1960s, the movement embraced sexual “liberation” as part of women’s liberation. Feminists weren’t so much upset that some men behaved like pigs as they were that women couldn’t do the same without loss of reputation. It was the “double standard” they took aim at, not sexual license itself. In fact, much second-wave feminist literature was devoted to boosting the idea of women’s supposedly superior orgasmic capacity compared with men. In Sexual Politics, Kate Millet declared that “all the best scientific evidence today unmistakably tends toward the conclusion that the female possesses, biologically and inherently, a far greater capacity for sexuality than the male...”

Like the New Left they emerged out of, feminists joined hands with sexual revolutionaries in rejecting all of the old sexual mores – including marriage. “Destroy the patriarchy,” they chanted. They agreed with the Playboy Foundation (a contributor to the NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund) that linking sex with morality at all was an outdated idea

And so professional feminists actually helped midwife the loose sexual culture we have today. Arguably, this culture has permitted men to behave even more shabbily toward women than the old mores did. This may sound odd, but I think it’s true — even the sexual harassment has become grosser than it was a few decades ago. I know of a few women who faced harassment in the 1970s and 1980s (myself included), but honestly, it was practically as polite as a Victorian drawing room compared with the stories we are hearing now about Louis C.K. or Harvey Weinstein or Mark Halperin. Womanizers used to at least make an effort at seduction. Now they seem to act out repellent narratives from porn movies.'

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'Last week I talked about some very serious, very real sexual crimes. Today I want to look at the potential for disaster in believing every ancient accusation out of hand, without proof.

Back in the Bronze Age when Saturday Night Live was funny and the fabulous Gilda Radner, of blessed memory, was still alive, a recurring skit concerned the “Nerds” of the Loopner Family. Sadly, Mr. Loopner, who, for obvious reasons we never see, was “born without a spine.” Who knew he had sired millions and millions of children despite his serious disability? I am astonished and embarrassed by the utter lack of “spine,” “grit”, or real COURAGE of so many of our fellow citizens and nearly all politicians.

The masked fascism fighters who mock the courage of soldiers, firefighters, and police officers risking their lives every day are knocked aside like a twig swatted by Godzilla by a Twitter swarm. What’s with the masks, anyway? What cowardly, pretentious twits! I attended several large Tea Party rallies with nary a mask in sight. Sure, a few Colonial Army tri-corner hats, the occasional fife and drum, but no masks. No need to hide our identities. We planned to commit no crimes. No bicycle locks with which to whack people who were lined up to hear a speaker we hate, no arson, just leaving the area cleaner than when we arrived. For which we were dubbed the derogatory name of a sex act by Anderson Cooper. What a card, that guy!

Thank God the Brits didn’t have Twitter as a weapon when General Washington was crossing the Delaware. We might be speaking English now, calling trucks “lorries” and elevators “lifts” and eating vegetables that have been cooked for a minimum of 5 hours.'

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Feminists may have rejected the old double standards but they replaced them with new ones. Today, women are free to do whatever they want without criticism but men are expected to play by the rules--rules defined mostly by the feminists. We're told well-behaved women rarely make history--but men are supposed to be well-behaved at all times.

A woman in another forum said that women should be able to show up naked and not worry about getting raped. Fair enough. But if a man shows up naked, he'll likely get busted for indecent exposure or sexual harassment.

Uma Thurman is now complaining that Weinstein offered the lead role in "Kill Bill" in exchange for sexual favors. She apparently took the deal and made boat loads of cash. She claims to be another victim of an unscrupulous man--not a woman willing to sleep her way to the top. The simple truth is she made a lot of money from "Kill Bill" and she wanted the money more than she wanted to protect her sexual integrity. And thus far, she hasn't given the money back.

At one time, she might have been criticized for her behavior. Today, of course, she's a woman and a victim and therefore above reproach. Ah, but the man can be held accountable for his behavior--because he's a man and men are villains not victims.

Men are expected to play by the rules while women have no rules.

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