'We Have Rapists Here In This Building’ — California Legislators Hear Horror Stories Of Broken Harassment Reporting System

Article here. Excerpt:

'“We have a whisper network you all know it. Because what everybody here knows is we have rapists here in this building. We have molesters among us,” said Christine Pelosi.

The head of the California Democratic Party’s Women’s Caucus says no one knows about those alleged abusers, because of a deficient system for reporting harassment.

“Isn’t that problematic,” said Vince Fong.

The problem, Assemblyman Vince Fong says, is the Capitol’s human resources department doesn’t record complaints of harassment involving current lawmakers.

Human resources administrators confirmed cases of misconduct are kept secret.

“Those records may have existed they don’t exist,” said one administrator.'

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"Never let a good crisis go to waste." HRC said that once though she wasn't the first to do so.

Smelling blood in the water, feminists in various positions in society are acting in unison. If in the public's mind they can equate maleness with near-certain sexual predation, taking men down here and there won't be necessary. Tar men with a big enough brush and soon an all-female or nearly-all-female __blank__ (legislature, ticket, etc.) Becomes easy enough to get. What men are left are cowed into reticence because should they point out the madness around them, an accusation of sexual misconduct is sufficient to eliminate them and they know it.

Sexual misconduct accusations work so well in divorce, let's try it in politics, business, entertainment. That some men are in fact guilty makes it that much easier. As for innocent men toppled... well, too bad. Collateral damage. Besides, as one woman I saw posted gleefully on FB, if men are forced to step aside, even innocent ones, from a given role or position, it will likely be filled by a woman, and that'd be a good thing. So the idea that the taking down of innocent men may be for the greater good anyway (greater good = men replaced by women in high positions) is not confined to Twitter-tweeting feminist columnists. Apparently the "most-qualified" standard is sooo 1970s and has been replaced by the "most vaginaed" standard.

Santa Claus is next. I can hear it now: He once fondled an elf and propositioned two reindeer.

He'll be replaced by Wonder Woman.

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