France: Gender-based insults to become an offence, says Macron

Article here. Excerpt:

'French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday unveiled measures aimed at educating the public and schoolchildren about sexism and violence against women and improving police support for victims.

During his campaign Macron, who won the presidential election in May, promised to rethink sexual politics and gender equality, which he made a national cause for his five-year mandate.

The Harvey Weinstein scandal in the United States has accelerated a rethink of attitudes towards sexual harassment in France, a country that cherishes its self-image as the land of seduction and romance.
About violence and sexual abuse, he said: "It is essential that shame changes camp."

"Gender-based insults will be punishable by law. Offenders will face a deterrent fine," he added.'

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Maybe something got lost in translation, but does this mean if a woman says something to suggest my pecker is unusually teeny-tiny, that means I can count on the gov't to fine her?

Well maybe not. I have a feeling F2M insults will go unpunished. Now what do you suppose constitutes a M2F insult?

Does it include "You have lovely hair" b/c it was damning with faint praise by someone's standards? Or maybe "I see you're a woman so I don't expect you to understand calculus*."

Or maybe both.

Frenchmen are about to find out I guess. For all its faults, I'm glad to live in America where the Con'n specifically bans punishing unpopular speech. Not that laws that do that don't creep in here and there, but they do get thrown out in court. Alas countries like France have no such protections except as found in their republican post-revolutionary legal traditions here and there.


* FOR THE RECORD, most of my calc tutors were female. And I needed them. I escaped calc with my ass singed. It wasn't the concepts that eluded me, it was the fucked up derivation equations and shit like that.

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