Australia: Landmark High Court ruling spells ‘death knell’ of pre-nuptial agreements in Australia, experts say

Article here. Excerpt:

'The decision in Thorne v Kennedy, in which a young Eastern European woman successfully fought to overturn a prenup she signed on the eve of her marriage to a millionaire property developer twice her age, has sent shockwaves through the family law fraternity and could trigger a wave of lawsuits seeking to overturn existing financial agreements.

From a paltry $50,000 she would have been entitled to under the previous agreement, the woman is now set to become a millionaire in her own right.

“Even the lawyers within my team, the young ones, they don’t realise the significance of this yet,” said Slater and Gordon family law expert Heather McKinnon. “It’s really funny. The High Court doesn’t enter our jurisdiction very often — the last [decision] was probably seven or eight years ago — but when it does, it’s significant.”

The landmark case, which has been closely watched by family and commercial lawyers, started way back in 2006 when the then 67-year-old property developer met the 36-year-old woman on a website for potential brides.'

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Puhhleeze, someone please explain this to me.

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'why do fools fall in love?'

love leads to marriage.

according to science love/lust is an emotion caused by a temporary chemical imbalance. we've all experienced that.
apparently the only cure in the past has been to sign a one-sided contract that could very easily jeopardize any man's future.

lucky for everybody, we now have an alternate cure - robot love. as they grow more and more lifelike and useful marriage will no longer be seen as the only cure. however, laws these days are made to please women. already there are calls to make them illegal. this should get interesting.

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LOL. Sex dolls are already illegal in some countries but this hardly stops men from h@ving them. Illicit drugs are illegal. Doesn't stop them. There are countless laws today in existence, the great bulk unenforced and unenforcable. Prostitution is illegal. Does that so much as put a dent in it? No.

Outlawing sex-bots will not result in a shortage of sex-bots. Getting around any such laws is easy. Ship the droid w/out a vagina. Sell the vagina section separately. Bingo, problem solved.

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this robot love thing, much like space travel and other once wild ideas, going places where 'no man has gone before'. 20 years from now I can hear somebody say 'who would have thought robots would be so bla bla bla and be so good at bla la bla?'

that is except cutting edge wild idea guys like us.

this would make a good comic book.

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