"International Men's Day" Sees Backlash Despite Good Intentions

Article here. Excerpt:

'The marked day, aimed at raising awareness for issues affecting men in society, takes place on November 19 every year. But despite the good intentions of organizer Mark Brooks, the day has become something of a toxic punchline in a year filled with sexual assault allegations against major male figures — including President Donald Trump. It’s not been a banner year for men, as many in positions of power have been exposed as using that influence in cases of sexual harassment and assault.

With all its great intentions at helping men overcome major life obstacles, it seems there is no room for IMD this year. At least not on Twitter.

“Today is International Men’s Day … So pretty much like every other day,” AJ+ official Twitter account tweeted, complete with a gagging gif.
Daily Beast editor Gloria Erin Ryan also went the snarky route, commenting, “Extremely fitting that International Men’s Day and World Toilet Day are celebrated concurrently this year.”
Similarly, journalist Daisy Cousens also took the opportunity to recognize the men in her life, without a hint of snark.

“Happy International Men’s Day, darlings! Let’s take the time to appreciate the men who work, sweat, fight, and die to provide for their loved ones, and to acknowledge the unique challenges they face in society. #InternationalMensDay,” Cousens writes.

This image was being widely circulated on Instagram on Sunday:

[See: https://www.instagram.com/p/BbsM6jmlDNR/]

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The graphic from the tweet is attached to the story item. Too late this year but so long as the stats remain accurate or close-enough, save it down for next year.

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