First tickets for Sweden's 'man-free' festival to go on sale

Article here. Excerpt:

'Tickets for what has grabbed global headlines as Sweden's first 'man-free' music festival, organized in response to reports of sexual assaults at concerts, will go on sale in less than two weeks.

Emma Knyckare's idea for the festival started with a simple tweet she posted in July after the Bråvalla festival in Norrköping cancelled its 2018 event after reports of a number of sexual offences.

"What do you think about putting together a really cool festival where only non-men are welcome, that we'll run until ALL men have learned how to behave themselves?" she wrote at the time.
The concept is not uncontroversial, and has been criticized by people accusing it of discriminating against men as well as by people questioning why the ban only applies to cis men, men whose gender identity corresponds to their sex at birth, and does not extend to transgender men.

But Knyckare said reactions in Sweden and abroad had on the whole been "overwhelmingly supportive".

"Both from women and men. The majority of men in Sweden understand why their sisters and daughters and wives need to be protected and accept the purpose of the festival. Having said that, there are men who don't understand why they're not allowed to attend when they've done nothing wrong personally."'

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I've come over to separatist thinking.

We start with women-only events like these. Then when they are popular enough to be more or less permanent on-going things, build settlements around them. I foresee male no-go areas cropping up inside cities, like sometimes happens today in re religious groups in cities. Then enshrine the invisible no-go lines in law. Start at the city level. I can see San Francisco and maybe NYC doing this kind of thing first but it'll be so popular, it'll spread. Apartment buildings in no-go areas will be women-only (anyone else remember "Bosom Buddies", the 1980s TV series with Tom Hanks?)

Eventually legally-sanctioned islands of female-separate areas will start being too small for the numbers of women wanting in. Then, there'll be no choice: move or bear outrageous rents. So the separate enclaves will move to a common place in America. They'll pick a swath of some under-populated state. (I predict somewhere in upstate NY. NY is losing about 100,000 ppl/yr on net, mostly from upstate. By the time this all happens, upstate'll be seriously depopulated. Heck by then, the charter citizens of Femina could probably just show up and take over Syracuse, or Rochester, maybe even Buffalo, or just move into Ithaca, perfect spot for this, and expand the area occupied around it. Hey, Seneca Falls is in upstate NY, this is PERFECT!)

Well no matter where they go, Femina will finally be born! All at once, say, 2-3 million women will appear to occupy a swath of land somewhere, and declare it a man-free zone, a homeland for the harried and harassed females of the human race in America. Much of it will be built and maintained by men as usual of course, but by that time, women living in the urban man-free zones will have picked up a large number of handy skills so dependence on tradesMEN will be lessened. Still, big dev't work need be done only once in a long while so once Femina's infrastructure is established, out go the workMEN to leave routine maint. to Femina's tradesWOMEN.

And it'll be done. Perhaps just the start. Separatist enclaves will arise elsewhere: the UK, Scandanavia, Germany, Japan, China, Russia... they may make their own Feminas, too. And by this time, sex-bots will be pretty much perfected. Men won't miss human females that much. And females will either content themselves with male sex-bots, other women, or live blissfully sex-free.

The human population will plummet.

Ectogenesis by then may in fact be developed. So some reproduction will occur. Any women left remaining outside the separatist enclaves may be reproductive but probably not that much. After all, guys'll be banging robots all the time by then.

The year? Hard to say. Maybe the year'll be 2200 or 2300. By then a new calendar may be in use, perhaps marking Year 1 as the year Femina was founded. Who can say.

So I reveal myself for all to see: I am a gender separatist. There, I've confessed it. Why? Because I think keeping men and women from fucking each other is how you stop the human population from growing further. And I am a rabid population reductionist: By.Any.Means.Necessary.

By 2400, I hope, the population of Earth will have collapsed. By 2500, I hope there'll be just 100 million of us left. And then... we will need to start the process of reintroducing the sexes to each other, assuming it's even necessary. By then, ectogenesis may be perfected, better than natural procreation. And the sex-bots? They'll be AMAZING. Sex with our fellow humans will seem disgusting in comparison.

All this is assuming humanity doesn't get snuffed by something else: an asteroid, nuclear bombs, incurable fatal pestilence, or signs of The Second Coming, such as the Bills winning a Super Bowl some time before Hell freezes over.

Just sayin'.

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All of a sudden I feel inspired to start a men only music festival, where men can enjoy music free from gender shaming and false accusations. It makes sense, right? Don't worry though. It will only run until ALL women learn to behave themselves.

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You can usually judge the quality of any civil rights movement by the number and depth of exceptions made, or that are necessary, to validate the actions of their supporters.
Third wave feminism presents the appearance of an equal rights or equity movementment, its all about equal rights. No-one should be discriminated against on the basis of their sex, race or sexual preferences.
Third wave feminism reveals its ugly face when it suggests that all people are entitled to equality and equity, excepting straight white men. Its OK to abuse them, commit acts of violence against them, marginalise them, exclude them, make moral and legal assumptions about them, take their children away from them and deny them rights on the basis of their race, sex and sexual preference.
This music festival is a celebration of hatred and bigotry. Those who promote it are promoting gender and racial hatred.
If you think thats OK, just wait until they turn on you. Invariably, in these kinds of self righteous moral movements, the acceptable sex, race and sexual preference will become narrower and narrower, until its only a select few who are entitled to rights and freedoms.

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Yep, that's from the Nazi playbook. Start small, then increase the scope. You mention race and sexuality and while white men who identify/present as heterosexual are indeed railed on hardest, #AllMen in general are getting assailed, with non-str8 ones by implication excluded from the condemnation of the #MeToo crowd... though it should be noted that in this particular instance in Sweden, no exceptions for gay men are being made in terms of permitted entry.

Which brings me to that issue: It's one thing to advertise an event as women-only, but is it actually lawful in Sweden to exclude people from an otherwise public event because of indelible characteristics? Guess a Swedish lawyer would know better, assuming it's ever come up in a court case there.

Anyway, among 3rd wave types, this narrowing of acceptability is already happening. An assertive and active minority of 3rd wavers believe that not only can no man possibly be a genuine feminist (at least not unless he is insane), but no woman who has sex with men or who is inclined to can be a genuine feminist. This idea is not new; it was found in 2nd wave feminism also but by a much smaller number of adherents as compared with today. This group views the war of the sexes as just that; to sleep with the enemy (men) is a form of collaboration, lending aid and comfort to the enemy. As in wartime the only time you get a pass is if you are acting to further the cause of your side, ie, a spy shagging an enemy soldier, etc., in furtherance of a mission, or if in doing so one avoids a fate that would set the war effort back (ie, fuck to stay alive so you can live to fight later some time). Any woman boinking 1+ men for any reason other than to find a way to do him/men bad is in fact collaborating, by this POV. And we all know... collaborators are dispensed with in wartime once discovered. This particular 3rd wave small but influential minority seeks to oust hetero- and bisexual (emphasis on *bi*, vs. bi-but-self-limiting-to-women) women from the fold.

Of course as populist measures go, this is a bad idea. But I have noticed something about feminists; they are a patient crowd. They bide their time, toiling away, preparing. In times of peace, prepare for war. In times of war, prepare for peace. That was Sun Tzu's thing. But in the case of 3rd wavers, it's prepare for war all the time.

After the 3rd wave gets old, a 4th wave will appear. If it follows the pattern set by waves 1-3, it'll be a sight more radical than the 3rd wave. My prediction: hetero- and bi-exclusion of women from the feminist fold will be next, along with a purge/persecution of men who identify as feminists. As to their influence in gov't? This 4th wave is contingent upon that increasing, as that pattern tends to unfold; the more power an identity group gets in society/gov't, the more aggressively exclusive they become, and the more intolerant.

Feminist women are now running one of America's two major political parties. These are 3rd wavers, and with the exception of HRC, are the sleep-with-the-enemy kind, albeit largely to further their cause in most cases. Whether or not or how soon we see the 4th wave emerge will depend on how successful the DNC can be at re-capturing Congressional seats, statehouses, courts, and governorships, and of course, how many of those in those seats will be committed feminists vs. just-happen-to-be-a-Democrat types who still think the DNC is all about soft socialism and "free" healthcare (eg: Bernie Saunders. Did he REALLY think HRC would allow him to win the nomination when her feminist cronies were pre-placed in all the key positions?). These would be the useful idiot sorts to the feminists that Lenin (supposedly) talked about in reference to the dewy-eyed idealists found among some of his fellow-travelers who naively helped him come to power.

But one way or another, by hook or by crook, there will come a time, an opportunity. Aside from the de-modernization of industrial society, or a national/world-wide catastrophe, it's hard to see what exactly is going to stop it. Possibly a serious implosion of the DNC in terms of popular support in its strongholds (which are quite influential in terms of carrying electoral votes, major districts, etc.) would significantly set back the effort. But I have little doubt the degree of tenacity is there that would outlive even that as a set-back.

People who actually take the time to read some of my lengthier ramblings know I am fond of prognosticating about future tends. I majored in History in college so I have a tendency to look at human events as a function of large-scale trends, epoch, almost through a more anthropological lens than one of discrete events, names, dates, etc. The trend of female separation from males as partners in life as enabled by the facilities of modern industrial civilization is undeniable and one that got up to speed rather quickly, making significant progress in a short amount of time. But old habits die hard, so to grease the skids, feminist-vaunted misandry has emerged as a repulsive force between the sexes in general, making it easier to dispense with an ancient social contract and replace it with an ideology rather than a new contract or standard. (OK, Tinder, maybe, is the new standard, or something like it.)

To keep this vacuum in place, it must be buttressed, apparently, by bigotry and sweeping anti-male generalizations culminating in a hate movement whose roots were in what used to be an actual civil rights movement. That bigoted hate movement is what we now see as 3rd wave feminism, reinforcing the vacuum left by the abrogated general contract that had hitherto guided the sexes.

As so many of my voluminous rantings do, this one also ends with no conclusion. Just observations, conjectures, opinions... and the usual "we shall see" tone. That's about the best I can do. My crystal ball broke 30 years ago and I have yet to find a repair shop that handles them.

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