Women are better in tech than men, says a report

Article here. Excerpt:

'Think men's brains are better suited for tech jobs? Think again.

A report from the Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institution measured men's and women's digital scores, and found that women had stronger skills than men do.

The Brookings report, called "Digitalization and the American Workforce," looked at "information about the knowledge, skills, tools and technology; education and training; work context; and work activities required" for high tech jobs, and it gave women a digital score of 48 versus 45 for men.

But despite that higher aptitude, the report says, more men than women are filling the highest-level digital jobs in "computer, engineering and management fields, as well as lower-digital occupations such as transportation, construction, natural resources, and building and grounds occupations."'

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... if a study says men are better on whole at something than women, the test itself must be wrong. Re-do the test. That's better.

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soon enuf men will be blamed for being the sole cause of 'global warming'. faux science deserves faux scientists.

soon enuf women will be found to have actually invented ALL the tech goodies society enjoys.

soon enuf it will be discovered that just being around men is causing women to underperform.

soon enuf it wiil be discovered that women wearing strap-ons can please strait women better than men.

soon enuf it will be discovered that women make better engineers/scientists/etc. than men.

soon enuf i'm buying some stock in companies producing female sex-bots. with the way women are destroying the male/female relationship thing, sex-bots have to have a BIGBIGBIG future. no doubt.

causing havoc in the workplace was to be expected. one thing I've noticed about people is that they come in two varieties. those who naturally produce, and those
who don't. ex: some people can fix a car out on the road. some people just know how to get in and push the gas. that's an oversimplification, but sometimes that is what is required.

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