Ireland: 'Challening Misandry': Men's Voices conference to discuss role of father in family, male suicide

Article here. Excerpt:

'Male suicide and the role of men and masculinity are some of the key issues up for discussion today at a 'Men's Voices' conference in Dublin.

The role of fathers and families also comes under the spotlight, along with the youth perspective on being male in today's society.

Chairman of Men's Voices Ireland David Walshe said men's issues are not discussed enough in the media.

"The theme of the conference is 'Challenging Misandry'. It is a bit provocative," he said.

Misandry is defined as dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against men.

"It means that we think that there is not sufficient attention being paid to men's issues by the media in today's world. Men's issues are being closed out from the national conversation," he added.

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