Confusing Sexual Harassment With Flirting Hurts Women

Article here. Excerpt:

'More than a month after the initial report on numerous allegations of sexual coercion and assault by movie mogul Harvey Weinstein, the national firestorm over workplace sexual harassment shows no sign of slacking off—and many men, it seems, are nervously scrutinizing their behavior. Last Friday, the New York Times reported that some men are forming company or industry text groups “to brainstorm on harassment issues,” avoiding work-related social events where flirting may happen, and asking “odd questions” such as whether it’s ever okay to hug a female co-worker.
At Salon, writer Erin Keane scoffs that “men who haven’t leered, creeped, groped, raped” or used their power for sexual predation should stop being overdramatic and making this moment about themselves.

Scoffing is easy, but the truth is that the confusion is far from groundless—and some anti-harassment advocates have stoked it. For that matter, Keane’s admonishment is not reassuring: “leering” and “creeping” are behaviors with plenty of room for subjective definitions.'

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Today, deal w/ women as you deal w/ police: minimize contact. Striking up a casual convo. w/ a cop on duty is an easy way to end up in trouble even if you're utterly innocent. A cop's job is to arrest ppl he suspects of wrongdoing. Unless reporting a crime or acting as a witness, the only thing striking up a harmless convo w/ a cop can do is land you in trouble. Now saying hello to one is fine. But unless you're a hot chick looking to get diddled by one, standing around talking to one does nothing for you.

Similarly, striking up an innocent convo w/ any given woman can only land you in trouble. Saying nothing to them is safest. Limit convos to women to just business. Smile, be nice, superficially friendly. Flirt only w/ women you KNOW are safe to flirt with.

If you want to date, do what everyone else does: use the Internet. If all you want to do is fuck, bang a cheap hooker or screw a sex doll.

That's what it's down to. But reality is what it is. Accept it or perish. Law of the jungle.

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