5 Reasons Men Are Reluctant to Get on the Sexual Harassment Bandwagon

Article here. Excerpt:

'1) We keep defining sexual harassment down: If a boss tells you to sleep with him or alternately to watch him shower (ugh….creepy) to keep a job, we can all agree that’s sexual harassment. The further we get from that kind of standard, the less we’re going to agree. Telling a crude joke, having a swimsuit calendar on the wall or a man putting his hand on your shoulder might legally qualify as environmental sexual harassment, but it’s all bullsh*t. Many women may think they deserve money because of those things, but a lot of men think if they can’t handle that, then they’re too delicate for the work force. We’ve even gotten to the point where a 93 year old man in a wheelchair with Parkinson’s pinching a woman’s butt and telling a dirty joke is considered traumatizing sexual harassment. It’s a joke, but it’s not funny.

2) Sexual harassment is often dependent on the feelings the woman involved has about the man doing it: How can we have a “crime” where the standards vary based on how attracted the “victim” is to the “perpetrator?” Asking a woman out a second time after she turns you down if she likes you? Persistent. If she doesn’t? Creepy harassment. If a woman catches you staring at her and she finds you attractive? He’s into me. Awesome! If she doesn’t like you? Creepy harassment. Telling an edgy joke if she likes you? He’s so funny! If she doesn’t? Creepy harassment. What constitutes sexual harassment can feel like an iffy, ever-changing standard to men.'

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