Men Need to Change, and Women Need to Change With Them

Article here. Excerpt:

'Women may also have to accept that we like some aspects of the way we interact with men just as they are, and what that means. How can we achieve equality and level the playing field when we still expect men to pick up tabs on dates? How can we change a sexual dynamic around power for the better if our sexual ideal is either a big, strapping man or a bad-boy type? What changes to fantasy and romance, and their relationship to lived reality, will we initiate?

We need to abandon the notion that male bosses should take special care to hold the door for us because we are women. If we expect men not to talk about “fat bitches” or “hot bitches” and brag about their sexual conquests, we should probably resist the urge to name call (“those cocky pricks”); to gush over big, strong men; to publicly joke about how someone with an inflated ego must have a small penis.

If we want equality and a culture where women have more power, we need to recognize that policing male behavior isn’t going to work in the long run. This pits men against women and creates conditions for men and women to be segregated in the workplace, just as we were in the 1950s.'

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... once realistic sex-bots are available. Men'll stop pestering women for sex and in general will stop paying attention to them unless it's absolutely necessary. Women for their part will no longer have to deal with getting attention from men. And thankfully the human population will start falling.

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i have been recording just about everything I want to watch. included in that list is 'battlestar gallactica'. if u are not familiar w/ the early 2000ish sci-fi series, fierce metal robots (cylons) created by descendants of earth people have rebelled, evolved, surprise attacked and nuked the colonists almost into oblivion. now the new models are almost indistinguishable from humans and chasing the remnants of humanity across the galaxy. oh, did I mention the women cylons are totally hot. there are a limited number of models, many copies, and the ones placed among the colonists are usually unaware that they are not human. one of the hot Asian ones even gets pregnant by one of the gallactica's pilots.

if u haven't watched it maybe u should. not to be over simplistic, but it could well be prophetic about the future relationships between humans and synthetic/mechanical beings. just saying this concept of alternate mates is not new. I fully expect feminists to make attempts to make it illegal. already shaming tactics are being employed. ironically, they seem to forget that scientists have found dildos among the remains of cave women. electro-mechanical sex toys are just the sex parts of todays robots. apparently women don't need the whole package to get off.

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