Hollywood actors speak of 'rampant' problem of male abusers targeting men

Article here. Looks like Hollywood-mogul-men-behaving-badly is principally about such men behaving badly toward other men. But that hasn't been pointed out much, at least until now. I've discussed the problem of "power + low accountability -> abuse of others" as typical of the human condition, not the condition of men having positions of power and influence. History has many examples of powerful women ruthlessly abusing their position over others, including to use or exploit others sexually. But feminists don't like talking about that. Or this POV, for that matter. Excerpt:

'Hollywood has a “rampant” and “pervasive” problem of men sexually abusing boys and young men, according to actors and lawyers who are speaking up about misconduct and harassment in the wake of an allegation against actor Kevin Spacey.

“It’s a very taboo subject,” said Alex Winter, an actor and director who said he was sexually abused as a pre-teen child actor. “I don’t know of any boys in any pocket of the entertainment industry that do not encounter some form of predatory behavior. … It’s really not a safe environment.”

Spacey has been accused of making an unwanted sexual advance toward Star Trek actor Anthony Rapp, who says he was 14 years old at the time of the alleged incident in 1986. According to Rapp, Spacey, who was 26 at the time, lay on top of him and tried to “seduce” him.

Spacey, star of Netflix show House of Cards and former artistic director of London’s Old Vic theatre, apologized after BuzzFeed published Rapp’s allegations, saying he did not remember the “encounter”. If he did what Rapp described, it “would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behavior”, he added.'

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