Male Feminist Allies: The Witch Hunters Have Become The Witches, Hunted

Article here. Excerpt:

'Becoming a male feminist isn’t just like putting on a mask. The men who become male feminists do so, in general (though certainly not in all cases) because they despise themselves for what they are and seek a way to control it—not through therapy or psychiatry, but through an embrace of an ideology that allows them to absolve themselves of personal blame by assuming all other men are as bad as them.

Feminism teaches that men are predators. Of course, this isn’t true. But because male sex predators do not want to think of themselves as monsters, feminism offers them an out by telling them, in basic terms, that they can’t help the way they are because it’s how all men are.

It’s no secret that modern feminism thrives on identifying women as innate victims, who feel oppressed by the “patriarchy” and the world at large. As such, the movement is attractive to victims of sexual assault, who seek solidarity with others who share their experience.

As such, women who identify as feminists are often vulnerable creatures—easy prey for starving sexual predators too pathetic to attain sex by enthusiastic consent. It’s a bad mix.'

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Did the kapos who served as "managers" of other prisoners in Nazi camps actually think they wouldn't eventually be killed? Better, they thought maybe, to be the last ones in the gas chambers than the first. But at what price?

Men who think by proclaiming how they are feminist or support feminism either 1) don't understand what is going on here or 2) hope to be considered exonerated from the sin of being male by proclaiming solidarity with those who adjudge their sex to be... any number of not-so-nice things. Their motivations may vary and may be mixed, but no matter, that is the idea.

If Jews tried to join the Nazi party in Wiemar Germany, what would the non-Jewish self-identified Nazis think of them? My guess: 1. They're nuts, 2. They are infiltrators, 3. They don't know what Nazism is really about, 4. They must hate themselves (see 1) or 5. They are saying they're Nazis in the hope of getting something out of it, but they aren't actually Nazis because that'd be... nuts (see 1)

This is what I think female feminists think about male feminists. And based on some of what I have seen female feminists write about their male "allies", it seems to be true.

To male feminists, I say: Get your collective head out of your collective ass and get as far away from the actual feminists as you possibly can before your number comes up next on their list.

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