Date-stabbing Oxford student gets suspended sentence

Article here. Remember girls, so long as you're 1) young, 2) female (the most important factor), and 3) real smart, you can get away with murder, attempted or otherwise. Excerpt:

'An Oxford University medical student who stabbed her Tinder date with a breadknife has been allowed to suspend her studies for 18 months.

Lavinia Woodward, 24, a student at Christ Church, was handed a 10-month jail sentence suspended for 18 months following a trial last month.

It has now emerged the budding surgeon has voluntarily suspended her studies for the duration of her sentence. It means any university disciplinary hearing will not take place for at least 18 months.

The 24-year-old has been accused of attempting to 'set the terms' on whether she will be allowed to return to Oxford.

It had initially been thought Woodward would leave the university voluntarily.

Her legal counsel, James Sturman, QC, said she was 'reluctant' to return because she was worried at being recognised.

After the court case Oxford had also suggested she would be subject to a speedy inquiry that could have seen her kicked out of the university.'

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