"Toxic Femininity"

Article here. Excerpt:

'We should all agree that Harvey Weinstein is an example of something toxic, though most of us who defend the concept of masculinity (toxic or otherwise) would contend that what Weinstein perpetrated on his victims was based in depravity rather than testosterone. And he swam in a sea of beta males in Hollywood such that no “toxic” man was willing to “dominate him through violence” by beating his brains in for demanding sexual favors from actresses seeking employment from him. Brad Pitt, who confronted Weinstein over his unwanted advances toward his then-girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow, is an exception — but of course Pitt didn’t stop working with Weinstein over the latter’s behavior.

But in the aftermath of the Weinstein scandal’s breaking out, what we’re seeing now is an explosion of what can best be termed as toxic femininity.

And that’s hardly something new. It just cries to be recognized for what it is.

You really can’t get a better exposition of toxic femininity, amid the clownish post-Weinstein #MeToo social media slacktivism craze, than a mind-blowing piece written this week by the unhinged moonbat Helen Rosner at Medium.com. Rosner, a correspondent at Eater.com and the New Yorker who might be the poster child for toxic femininity, used to be known for restaurant reviews and cookbooks but has now progressed into political and social commentary — to the detriment of all.

And in her manifesto, entitled “20 Things Men Can Do RTFN to Support Women, Beyond Just Literally Ceasing to Sexually Harass Us,” is a list of some of the most counterproductive, obnoxious and insulting suggestions anyone can possibly offer for bringing harmony among the sexes — basically proving that the Left is made up of the least tolerant and helpful people among us.'

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I am forced to conclude that modern ppl have it so good and are so under-occupied that we'll find anything to complain about. I'll bet when Man lived in a state of nature, the average woman viewed men in general as their best bet for surviving to see the sun rise the next day. I also bet they complained a lot less about men as well as life in general.

Ease -> complacency -> discontent -> disaffection -> estrangement -> misery

Homo sapiens modernis is a "victim" of his own resounding success.

Thing about life on Earth is there is no timer that goes off and "game over". It appears to just go and go. Well, the more time we have, the more likely, statistically, that *something* is going to happen that causes the Big Reset Button to get hit. A big-assed asteroid slamming into the Earth at some whole-number percentage of the speed of light, or global climate change converting quadrillions of dollars worth of shore-front real estate the world over into swampland, or who knows what else. At some point, this party of ours has to come to an end. Oh maybe we'll get to hovercraft as replacements for cars or something like that, but eventually, something's going to happen to really stink up this reception. If even from the grave, I will be curious to see how things between the sexes are generally roughly 20 years post-apocalypse. I predict a fast reversion to the old ways of doing things. It'll be no choice, really: survive or perish. Necessity's the mother of instincts, and also of gender roles.

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