Exactly how many “shitty men” will it take for us to save our sons?

Article here. Excerpt:

'Where are all the good men?

That’s the question for America after a week of truly horrifying news about Harvey Weinstein’s decades of sexually predatory behavior, a few months after Bill Cosby went to trial on charges of drugging and sexually assaulting one of the dozens of women who accused him, and almost exactly a year after the United States elected Donald Trump president even after hearing him brag to Billy Bush that he forced himself on women (and women came forward to substantiate his claim).
I now see that there are no “good men,” as narcotic as the idea of a rarified type may be. I believe that there are plenty of us who are capable of standing up to guys like Weinstein, and not just on behalf of our girlfriends (or while referencing our daughters). There are men who stand up for the legitimate expectations of decency at work, and at school, and among groups of parents, and with our friends, fighting sexism and toxic masculinity for the sake of our collective humanity.

Not because we are “good men,” but because no one gets to be “not that kind of guy.” We are, all of us, responsible for cosigning the culture we create.'

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The problem isn't "shitty men" or "inherent shittiness" of men, etc. Tell me, were the men who taught you things as a child "shitty"? How about the ones that serve and protect you daily, the police, firemen, etc.? Are they imbued with standard generalized male shittiness too?

When there are men who slap "shitty" as a label on men in general, MRAs know they have their work cut out for them.

The problem of the HWs is not maleness. It's corruption. Power corrupts. Women in positions of power (be it from $$, fame, place of birth, political office, etc.) all succumb to corruption of all kinds. Thinkest that powerful H-wood women don't do and say very offensive or bad things? They do. They just don't get caught quite so much perhaps because fewer people are looking to do so.

Where there are people of either sex in positions of power, there will be corruption and abuse. I have heard tell of prominent female politicians who have or have had full-time personal protection assigned to them in the form of secret service agents, state police, etc., who utilized those men assigned to protect them as, you guessed it, sexual distractions. Banging the guards is something Roman matrons and their daughters from powerful families were notorious for doing in ancient Rome. You find sexually exploitative corruption in both sexes at the upper strata of every society.

But we call men on such behavior. With women, we don't even notice it, it seems.

Well to the author I say, if he feels that bad about things, let him do what men seem to be so good at doing: solve the problem. I say, get moving on the "Femina" idea. Help bring a great big "safe space" for women into the world. A land free of shitty men. Of course, he himself will not be allowed in, but that's OK. I have a feeling he wouldn't want to be there anyway once it gets up and running.

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Women who blame all men for the actions of some or a few or one, are doing more than making brave statements of empowerment. They are giving voice to that tied old sexist adage "all men are the same", a view of men and masculinity that is core to the misandry of third wave feminism.
Third wave feminists extrapolate the guilt of some men to all men by suggesting tribal guilt. In this view all men are guilty of any man's crimes unless they stand up and protect women, stand up and take responsibility. In effect, we are all guilty unless we accept our collective guilt.
This is a shallow but convenient device, that appeals to the traditional male gender role of "protector". Its only through the extrapolation of the guilt of some to the whole of masculinity that all men are deserving of hate and guilt, undeserving of the presumption of innocence and incapable of being a victim in any circumstance. Without this collective male guilt third wave feminism can only be gender hatred.
This is the core of "toxic masculinity". "Toxic masculinity" has no connection with men or masculinity. "Toxic masculinity" is about justifying the hateful sexist core of third wave feminism, and recasting that hatred as social justice.
Men who adopt this view of masculinity, who take up the cry of "toxic masculinity", are nothing more than poor souls who have lost their way, lost their manhood and lost their identities. Men who nolonger know what it is to be a man, and can only define themselves as "not one of the guilty". These men are so desperate, so insecure in their masculinity that they seek approval by condemning all men as "toxic", completely convinced that their condemnation does not include themselves!
So who is this author.... a sad, lost, broken man, deserately seeking the approval and belonging, desperate for validation of hjs worth and goodness. A man who believes goodness and worth can not be found in maleness, a man who has forgotten the face of his father. Sorry mate. All you'll get is feminist contempt, and our sympathy. And that isn't worth much.

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Could not have said it any better myself. In fact I've got a good mind to add your response to the MANN FAQ section as an observation in re "toxic masculinity".

I'll of course credit you as the author!

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