Lawmakers aim to end rape culture on campus

Article here. Excerpt:

'Reported rapes are up at nine of Michigan's 15 public universities, according to federal statistics.

Many Michigan colleges are stepping up to educate students and now lawmakers are too.

Democratic State Senator from East Lansing, Curtis Hertel Jr., wants to require K-12 schools that teach sex education to also teach affirmative consent.

"We can't wait until they get to college campus," Hertel said. "We have to do it beforehand!"

The bill Hertel is introducing is aimed at ending rape culture on college campuses.

"The idea that one and four women will be sexually assaulted on their college campuses has to be completely unacceptable," Hertel said.

He said the bill would switch from teaching the idea of "no means no" to "yes means yes."'

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Soon all coeds will be getting raped constantly, or so will saith feminists and legislators courting women's votes.

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