BSA votes to admit girls

Article here. And yet, the GSA is still single-sex. Excerpt:

'The Boy Scouts of America Board of Directors announced its unanimous decision that they said comes after years of receiving requests from girls of all ages to join the iconic organization.

“This decision is true to the BSA’s mission and core values outlined in the Scout Oath and Law. The values of Scouting – trustworthy, loyal, helpful, kind, brave and reverent, for example – are important for both young men and women,” the BSA’s Chief Scout Executive Michael Surbaugh said. “We believe it is critical to evolve how our programs meet the needs of families interested in positive and lifelong experiences for their children. We strive to bring what our organization does best – developing character and leadership for young people – to as many families and youth as possible as we help shape the next generation of leaders.”

Recent surveys of parents involved in scouting show over 90 percent wanted their daughters to join the Boy Scouts, according to a press release on the BSA’s website.'

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... the GSA wants to crash the BSA party. The classic play, oft-repeated:

1. Men as a whole do things.
2. Women as a whole watch men do things and criticize the men.
3. Men as a whole typically succeed and make life better for everyone.
4. Women as a whole benefit the most from #3.
5. In the face of this, women as a whole try to imitate what men as a whole do. Or they become jealous and insecure or all of these things.
6. Women in general, working w/o men, fail at what they try to do.
7. Women find some way to blame men for their failures.
8. Women then insist they get in on men's success: at first.
9. After achievimg #8, women next insist on controlling and/or changing #3.
10. The success is undermined and the endeavor collapses.
11. Rinse and repeat.

There are other POVs. This man has his own ideas re the motivation. I can see these factors also contributing. But in re the general trend: Women hate it when men outdo them despite the fact we do it constantly, they just can't seem to accept it despite the bulk of the benefits accruing to them. Civilization is a male invention w/ women being categorically the biggest beneficiaries of it. Doubt it? Compare how men do in a state of nature vs. women. Then talk to me.

Check out the Twittersphere re the reaction of mothers of girl scouts. Uniformly they criticize the GSA for being corrupt (those cookies are a total scam), hidebound in bureaucracy, obsessively perfectionistic, and badly-run generally, providing little in activities and practical skills to the girls. Sound familiar?

Prediction: The first lawsuit is only a few months away. Discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, etc. The BSA will be bankrupt before they know it. Baden-Powell is spinning in his mausoleum.

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From what I heard, it seemed like the Girl Scouts of America were not involved in this decision, and were not happy about it. I had thought they were two branches of the same organization, but after what I heard on the news which suggested the Girl Scouts were blindsided by the Boy Scouts decision as they think the boys scouts are trying to steal their members, I now think these are entirely two separate organizations.

I could be wrong, but I don't think this is a case of GSA trying to intrude on BSA, it may even be the other way around.

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The BSA has been getting threatened with lawsuits to admit girls not by the GSA but by girls' parents, usually their mothers. The basis of the suits threatened is gender discrimination. So if you're calling me on tooling on the GSA in re this particular issue, I readily cop to it.

But instead of upping the GSA's game by the parents getting together and demanding the GSA mend its wicked ways (child labor exploitation, no real scouting activities like camping, etc.), instead the parents (ie, mothers) go to the BSA and threaten to sue them. Yet another case of women deciding men doing it better is tatamount to sexist discrimination or just refusing to call one another on their shit and instead turn to bitching about and to men. It's so bloody typical. And yes Kris, I'm making a CRASS sexist generalization. I make it because I've seen it acted out again and again. What's remarkable is when it DOESN'T happen.

Of course the GSA doesn't want the BSA to admit girls. If it does, the girls may realize how ill-served and used they've been all these years and turn around and sue the GSA.

My prediction: Parents (i.e., mothers) of girls in the BSA will start suing the BSA first chance they get over *whatever*: discriminatory treatment, using the wrong pronouns, etc. Probably there will be incidents involving sexuality as well. These will be great lawsuit fodder. Or, the parents (mothers) will sue the GSA for using their daughters as cookie-peddling gnomes all these years to line their pockets with dubiously-acquired gains. Or both. I predict both.

Heck, we may even see the parents (i.e., mothers) of boys sue the BSA for God-knows-what. Who can say?

But I do predict lawsuits. Big headline-getters, too. Matt Drudge must be salivating at this turn of events.

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From what I've heard, money may be a factor in this decision too. Now that the Mormon Church is backing away from scouting, that has created a major loss of revenue for the national organization (fewer dues-paying scouts), and they are looking to new "markets." If that's what they're after, I think it will backfire. There are lots of parents who will simply pull their boys out of scouting as a result of this decision, and the few girls they gain won't offset that loss.
I've also heard that many girls' parents (mothers mostly, I'm sure) are envious of the activities the boys get to do, and the status of the Eagle Scout award. Which puzzles me, because there is nothing stopping GSA from having similar activities, or creating their own award equal to the Eagle. (When I was a teenager, I went through the hoops to earn the Eagle myself, mostly to please my mother).
But mostly, this is just part of a push we see on many fronts to obliterate male space. As soon as men (or boys) get together to do anything, the feminists become apoplectic and do their utmost to break it up. Female space, however, is just to be expected, and they take it for granted that in general men won't try to break up their space. Men's golf tournaments? SEXIST!!! Women's golf tournaments? Well, yes, why not?

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Actually re the Mormons, this only increases the likelihood they will pull their sons out of the BSA entirely and do their own thing if the BSA actually starts admitting girls. (The recent announcement re teenager involvement had to do with the BSA's admission of gay/trans men in leadership positions; see here.) As for lawsuits, even as this is from "Time", read this. In this case, she lost. But it's only a matter of WHEN.

Also see this from 2015. This has been an on-going thing. Google "GSA lawsuit" and you'll see that the GSA itself has been sued a few times over cookie sales-related issues. Seriously. But instead of veering off the cookie sales addiction and oh, I dunno, actually taking the girls camping and stuff, the leaders persist in being... cookie-obsessed women who like making loads of money off child labor. Ugh.

TBH I don't think in this case this is an example of feminists trying to destroy male spaces. Indeed I think the GSA *really* would prefer the BSA not cave into the demands of a few parents (i.e., mothers) who would rather attack a group of men (the BSA leadership) than actually duke it out with a group of women (the GSA leadership), as 1) it's a lost cause to go after the GSA leadership, given their Pussy Pass statuses and 2) their daughters want to join the BSA -- i.e., they want to be with the boys. They specifically do not want to be around other girls all the time, for whatever reasons. The mothers will never hear the end of it if they don't give in to their daughters' demands. So all in all, the pendulum swings down on the BSA. Meanwhile the GSA is free to keep up the child labor exploitation and embezzle 1,000s off the cookie money train while the BSA is boxed into voting to admit girls, thereby leading to its own demise as an organization once the multi-million-dollar lawsuits start coming. Assuming they start admitting girls in January next year, you can bet the first lawsuit will be in February, splashed across the WaPo and "Time" magazine, which will conveniently forget they were all in favor of it just three months prior.

Mark my words.

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