Baby Foreskin Is Being Used To Make Vaccines

Article here. Excerpt:

'Every year, some infants are circumcised. During this surgical procedure, part of the child’s protective penile tissue is removed. This tissue removed from his penis may be sold to companies and institutions seeking the rich human fibroblast cells and other cells it contains. Most people are unaware that for decades, vaccine companies have been using these foreskin cells to research, grow and develop vaccines.

Certain microorganisms used by vaccine companies need living human cells to replicate. The cells within foreskin are being used for this purpose. Foreskin cells can be used to turn a wild-type microorganism found in nature into a genetically modified microorganism for use in vaccines.

Baby foreskins are used to research rubella, varicella and human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines. They are used to make cytomegalovirus vaccines, which is something pharmaceutical companies have been working on the last few decades. This vaccine is being created using foreskin cells and clinical trials have already begun. The child’s DNA whose foreskin was used to make the vaccine cannot be fully removed from the vaccines prior to administration. Researchers are also using foreskin to create a human telomerase reverse transcriptase (hTERT) immortalized cell line for use in vaccines.'

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This is just more proof that society views boys and men as subhuman. If society's only sleight against males was possessing such a view, it wouldn't be so bad, as we could all just remind ourselves of how stupid and nonsensical society is and that we shouldn't care what it thinks.

However, as this article demonstrates, this point of view is causing actual physical harm to men. Indeed,
the way males are treated by society is akin to the way lab rats and beasts of burden are treated.

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