Canada: Sperm donor sued for support almost 20 years after donation argues new Ontario law protects him

Article here. Excerpt:

'Nearly 20 years after a gay man donated his sperm to a former classmate, he’s being sued for child support in a potentially landmark case that serves as the first major test of a new Ontario law.
It marks the first known case of a gamete donor being sued for child support and highlights how complex family law is in the age of reproductive technology.
3) The bill has been clarified to better protect sperm donors, whether they give a sample in a lab or in the usual way. As a spokesperson for the attorney general explained, a sperm donor whose offspring is conceived with the use of assisted technology would automatically be covered. In addition, sperm donors are protect “when a child is conceived through sexual intercourse, if, before the child is conceived, both parties agreed in writing that the person providing the sperm does not intend to be a parent of the child.”'

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