Student On 'Hunger Strike' Until College Fires Professor Cleared Of Sexual Harassment Claims

Article here. Excerpt:

'Lindsay Wrobel is on a "hunger strike" until the University of Rochester fires a professor accused of sexual harassment in a recent EEOC claim.

Wrobel claims she stopped eating on Saturday night and will refrain from food until she's either hospitalized or the professor is fired, whichever comes first.

Professor Florian Jaege was cleared of the sexual harassment allegations by both an internal and an external investigation. University of Rochester President Joel Seligman has publicly stated that "no violation of the law or University policy was found." Moreover, last week, Seligman announced a third investigation of sorts: an "independent investigator" will look into the complaints, too, just in case the school and law enforcement missed anything.

But some at the school, such as Wrobel, are not satisfied.

"Until Professor Jaeger is removed from the university, there’s going to be no trust among the student body," Wrobel told ABC affiliate WHAM 13.'

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And she's also the class president?

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It looks like things have changed. As of Sept 19, the professor was put on leave, which has satisfied Lindsay Wrobel so she has ended her hunger strike.

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Well, good for her. It was soooo noble and sincere of her to go on a hunger strike, just like Ghandi.

She never had any designs to get her name out there in an effort to become a PC folk hero of some kind in an effort to whack a college professor who even by today's hang-'em-high standards was found to be exonerated by even the campus witch hunters.


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