Why Moms Whose Sons Have Been Accused of Campus Sexual Assault Are Banding Together

Article here. Excerpt:

'In July, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos met with a handful of groups that believe rape is often a lie to hear their opinions about collegiate sexual assault. Liberals tarred these groups “men’s rights activists.” But one of them didn’t quite fit that profile. This one, FACE — Families Advocating for Campus Equality — largely comprises moms whose sons have been accused of sexual assault in college.

In our Trumpian age of political hand-to-hand combat (metaphorical and literal), moms don’t take their accused sons back home and lick their wounds. They organize. They fight publicly. “This is a witch hunt, no different than the Salem witch trials or McCarthyism,”a FACE organizer says in a raspy voice when she calls me from a state far away. “A fear has been sold to the country, that every man is a potential rapist. This is now an American truth, just the way the Communists infiltrating and taking over our country was a truth of McCarthyism. For our American boys today, it’s guilty before innocent.”'

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