Australia: Campaign to change Father’s Day to ‘Special Persons’ Day’ so kids without fathers don’t get offended

Article here. Excerpt:

'AN EARLY childhood activist has been labelled “offensive” after suggesting Father’s Day be renamed ‘Special Person’s Day’ so kids without dads wouldn’t feel left out.

Dr Red Ruby Scarlet, an activist with a doctorate in early childhood studies, is pushing for the name change to the annual holiday.

During an interview on Today Tonight Dr Scarlet denied it was case of excess political correctness.

“Why are we calling this political correctness when in fact it’s about our rights?” Dr Scarlet told host Rosanna Mangiarelli.
Dr Scarlet, who insisted that was her real name, said that many families without fathers supported the idea.

“We have single parent families, satellite families, extended families, lesbian and gay families,” she said.

Her ideas were met with a stern rebuke from New South Wales Liberal minister David Elliott, who called them “rubbish”.'

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She says it's about rights. Rights? What rights? The right to dis a good percentage of the population, including her own father? And what about kids without mothers? Is a man going around talking about eliminating mother's day?

Christmas is next, along with St. Swithun's Day. Oy.

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Why don't we change International Women's Day to "International Special Person's Day"?

You know, for the sake of the boys who feel left out on Mar. 19, and for the transgender kids as well.

I'd give anything to see her try to answer that question.

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C'mon people;

this is the same country that gave us "Dame Edna Everage" (aka Barry Humphries).

This has got to be a parody of hyperfeminist political correctness.

She (or he) probably has a great comedic career ahead.

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