USDA Biologist Says He Was Discriminated Against As A Man

Article here. To jump the paywall, Google the article title enclosed in quotes. Excerpt:

'A U.S. Forest Service biologist was illegally blocked from participating in networking activities such as events dubbed “Fabric Fridays” and “Running Revolution” because the activities were limited to only women, according to a discrimination suit he filed in Pennsylvania federal court Monday.

The suit by Nathan Welker, which named as a defendant U.S. Department of Agriculture Secretary Secretary Sonny Perdue, alleged that Welker was illegally discriminated against because of his gender in violation of Title VII and because of his age in violation of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act.

Welker claimed in part that the chain of command to which he directly reports is composed almost entirely of women and that he “has been treated differently because he is a male” over the course of his employment.

For example, Welker said, he and other men are excluded “from work-related activities where women build relationships and networking opportunities,” such as yearly retreats, “Fabric Fridays” and “Running Revolution” events.

“Because of this, plaintiff has missed out on necessary relationship building and networking,” Welker said. “Furthermore, females get the first chance at opportunities that arise in the office and are treated more favorably than men.”'

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I've seen this too

Back in the late '90s, my former female supervisor said at a meeting "We're sending you all to diversity training. There's too many white males in [our agency]".

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