Court Rejects Feminist Mythology Expert

Article here. Excerpt:

'Did David Mueller lift up Taylor Swift’s skirt and grope her? It’s a fairly straightforward fact question. It either happened or not, and that’s the question of fact for the jury to decide. But Swift’s lawyer, Brian Schwalb of Venable, wasn’t willing to take the chance of an adverse finding, so he tried to gild the lily.
Was Mueller a “frustrated” male who believe it was “his prerogative as a radio host who regularly met with famous women” to touch Swift’s butt? Perhaps, and this would no doubt make a wonderful subject for a gender studies doctoral thesis. But the only question before the court is whether he did so, and Bayard de Volo’s masculine fragility mythology has no place before the jury charged to decide that question of fact.'

For those needing some background, read this.

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