Professor Claims Field of Mathematics Is Too ‘Masculinized’

Article here. Excerpt:

'A Vanderbilt University professor argues that the field of mathematics is too “masculinized,” which hurts women’s ability to compete in the field against men.

“Mathematics has been documented as a power-laden and masculinized academic domain,” Professor Luis A. Leyva, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education at Vanderbilt University wrote in a research paper titled “Unpacking the Male Superiority Myth and Masculinization of Mathematics at the Intersections.”

Leyva points to the difference in achievement and experience in the field of mathematics to social conditioning that leaves women behind and pushes men ahead. He believes that the disparities that exist, such as the general trend that boys perform better than girls, in the field of mathematics are exclusively the result of social conditioning. “It is, therefore, critical that scholars examine the influences of different contexts on students’ mathematics achievement and experiences at intersections of gender and other socially constructed identities,” Leyva writes towards the end of his paper.'

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Re-publish the Principia, only use pink paper and draw little pictures of ducks, cats, and Venus symbols interlocked with one another (you know, the circles with the cross under them, the circles interlocked in the classic feminist endorsement of feminist sisterhood and/or female homosexual relationship-ism). That'd really feminine-/feminist-up mathematics quick.

Of course this does not make calculus any easier nor change the fact that Sir Isaac Newton was male (and, God help us, WHITE, too), but I would like to point out that supposedly, Sir Isaac either "went the other way" or was a switch-hitter, if in any case a man of limited conjugal experience. Thus to some degree, he is a politically correct showpiece. That may be sufficient to satisfy some of the SJW crowd, but, you never know.

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