UCLA Shock Study: Women Have Raped 3.6 Million American Men

Article here. Excerpt:

'A 2016 study released by UCLA found thatwomen have collectively committed millions of sexual offenses against American men including rape, assault, coercion, and harassment. The pandemic of sexual violence committed by women caused the lead author of the study, Lara Stemple, to suggest that Americans rethink “long-held stereotypes about sexual victimization and gender.” Stemple previously produced a 2014 study stating that sexual victimization among men is “in many circumstances similar to the prevalence found among women.” Stemple’s work has focused on male victims of sex crimes and has criticized female-specific approaches to studying sexual violence, which often ostracize men who have suffered abuse.

Stemple’s 2016 study found that a stunning 4.5 million American men have been forced to penetrate another individual at some point in their lives, which meets the legal criteria for rape. In 79.2% of these cases, the perpetrator was a woman.

Additional numbers from other organizations show that sexual violence carried out by women against men is a growing pandemic. A 2012 survey by the US Census Bureau found that 43.6% of individuals who admitted to forcing somebody else to have sex (against that person’s will) were women. A 2014 study found that 43% of university young men and high school boys reported to have been sexually coerced into unwanted sexual contact, and 95% of the perpetrators in those cases were women. These numbers suggest that sexual coercion, harassment, and unwanted advances by women may be at epidemic levels on university campuses.'

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