Judge Halts Suspension After Student Alleges ‘Perverse and Bizarre’ Title IX Outcome

Article here. Excerpt:

'A student found guilty by Cornell of sexually assaulting and retaliating against a female student could be back on campus in the fall because a judge temporarily barred the University from suspending him.

Cornell handed the male student a two-year suspension in May, and a University appeal panel upheld the punishment on Wednesday, leaving the student, who is in the Class of 2020 and is referred to as John Doe, with a notation of guilt on his transcript. The student sued Cornell the next day, arguing that the University departed from its own policies and that there was a lack of substantial evidence to find him responsible.

On Friday, Tompkins County Justice Eugene Faughnan temporarily stayed the suspension while he considers the merits of Doe’s case against Cornell.

Doe’s attorney, Alan Sash, said the judge recognized the immediacy of the case and acted quickly so that Doe could be back at school in time for the fall semester.

This suit is the second claim filed in less than four months alleging that Cornell did not act properly in a Title IX investigation.'

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Government decree created this monster, it can stop it, too. But it isn't just the Dear Colleague letter, etc., it's the climate of misandry and fear. College administrations are responsible for the state the college is in. If stuff like this keeps happening, shut them down. Pull their business license. Yank their accreditation. The gubmint has plenty of devices it can utilize to get colleges to start sacking profs who are leading the PC charges. Tell unis to eliminate the student agitators. They are easy enough to identify. Simply tell the kids causing the trouble to knock it off or they will be de-enrolled. Refund their semester tuition, but kick them out.

Unis' problems with wild-eyed bigotted students and profs are readily solvable. Just, they need to grow a spine and stop acting cowardly.

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