Australia: Top Liberal women blast party’s sexist, mansplaining, idea-stealing men

Article here. Excerpt:

'“When a woman starts speaking at the table – don’t talk over her, listen to her, acknowledge the points that she’s made and give her credit for the ideas and don’t steal them.”

She said there’s an over-representation of male candidates while female talent is wasted because the Liberal Party is focused on “control and power and not good government”.

“It happens because the male factional leaders pulling the strings are focused only on who they think will be good puppets that they can control at the end of their strings,” she said.

“Not who will bring the best reliability and representation to their electorate.'

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“Stop asking women to make the frickin’ tea, you know how to turn the kettle on,” former NSW premier Barry O’Farrell’s chief of staff Anna McPhee says.

She was recalling how a male staffer asked her to make him a cup of tea on her first day as a deputy campaign director."

I wonder if she also complains about men paying for dates. :)

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... the veracity of her tea-claim, too. Feminists are notorious for making stuff like that up. I know of few men in the US, UK, or Australia who would dare ask a female co-worker to get him tea/coffee, even if he himself would be happy to oblige a female coworker who asked it of him. And a political figure? No man today in politics would *dare*.

So I am rather skeptical of her claim.

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