Women-only business lounge opening in downtown Detroit for entrepreneurs

Article here. Excerpt:

'Meagan Ward vividly recalls when she decided to step out on faith, quit her job and pursue her dream of owning a business.

She was working in a marketing role at a local company in 2015 when she was passed over for a raise, despite her hard work.

And that moment made one thing clear: Ward was ready to make the entrepreneurial plunge and make it her mission to spend her career empowering other women to achieve their goals.

Now, the Detroit entrepreneur is furthering that mission with the grand opening of Femology, an all-women modern business lounge made for entrepreneurial women who are looking for a workspace. She plans on opening the lounge in the heart of downtown Detroit on Monday.'

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Sell being woman-only to female business types. She's a female business-owner whose product is encouraging female actual and would-be business owners to... segregate themselves from the rest of the business community for the purpose of... joining the business community.

In short, she is in fact selling nothing.

But ppl pay for nothing all the time. Cell phone service is nothing. It's electromagnetic waves detectable only with special equipment. These waves are nothing. They are nothing, in motion, but nothing. Brilliant.

If you can name it, you can sell it. Or so they say.

Aside from furthering gender segregation, she limits her customer base to only-women. Bill Gates didn't do that. Anyone with $59-$199 could buy Windows. He cared not about your age, sex, etc. Just your money. Lesson to be learned.

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