UK Teacher and Lecturer Union Demands Compulsory ‘Gender Diversity’ Training

Article here. Excerpt:

'One of the largest teachers and lecturers associations in Britain is calling for mandatory “gender diversity” training for most teachers and has warned of possible “legal issues” if school staff refer to people with incorrect gender pronouns.

The Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) suggested providing the “gender diversity” training to sixth form colleges and further education teachers across the country, the BBC reported.

ATL Wales president Leslie Tipping claimed compulsory training on gender diversity is already overdue and pointed out that school staff are confused about different gender pronouns.

“Lecturers could be put in quite an embarrassing position if they address someone as a he who is a she or neither a he or a she,” she said, adding that staff “could end up with legal issues”.'

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... would ANYONE be a college teacher today? I mean, what kind of nuts do you have to be?

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Sadly, some see work in the education system as a career in which one gets to provide a meaningful and necessary service to others. However, the reward educators get for this is undue disrespect from pupils, being demonized for their indelible characteristics by the administration and faculty, and being blamed for every students' failure, regardless of how much effort the students actually put in. It's a system where the idea of individuality and personal accountability is shunned like the plague. This is what an education system ruined by cultural Marxism looks like.

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