Married substitute teacher, 30, accused of sex acts and lewd sexting with eighth grade student

Article here. Excerpt:

'A former California middle school teacher is heading to trial after she admitted to having sex with a student she initially blamed for instigating the relationship -- and who later outed the married woman by posting nude photos of her online.

A judge ruled Tuesday that Justine Nelson, 30, will stand trial for allegedly engaging in sex acts with a 13-year-old boy she met in the hallway of Tenaya Middle School, KFSN-TV reported. Nelson was arrested in September 2016 and charged with multiple sex crimes.
Nelson admitted to investigators she had sex with the boy two or three times, but she said he initiated the acts, according to KFSN-TV. She also claimed the boy even threatened to ruin her career.

But Nelson later changed her story, telling police she was sending notes to the student professing her love for him, according to KFSN-TV.'

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So she isn't responsible then, even if that happens to be true. Thus a 13-YO boy is in fact responsible for the sex act between himself and a 30-YO woman because he initiated it? She was incapable of telling him to stop behaving the way he was, that it was wholly inappropriate, etc.? Not just once but "two or three" times? Let me guess, he cast a magic spell on her too, right?

Flip the genders on that one and see how it flies.

The pathological inability to be accountable for one's actions in some people is both galling and fascinating at the same time.

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Enough said.

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