What would happen if no men showed up for work today?

This is from 2013, but still very much on target. Excerpt:

'Yesterday’s post got me thinking about what would happen if no men showed up to work today. For certain, the trains would stop running. But before we get into that, I want to tell you a bit about how I came to be – how I came to think the way I do.
My most basic understanding of men is that they keep you from starving or freezing to death.
Commenters have often mentioned that if men didn’t show up for work one day, the entire world would screech to a halt, and today, using data from the US Department of Labor, I want to take a look at just how true that is. Hearing about “male privilege” is so common in the media, but what is hardly ever mentioned is just how many of our own privileges are a direct result of the work that men do.

Perhaps the reason men have historically had the privileges they do is because they EARN THEM BY MAKING OUR LIFE POSSIBLE?

Just a thought.
Modern, feminist inspired liberal democracy has destroyed women’s role, by and large, with plunging birth rates across the developed world, but they CANNOT destroy men’s traditional work, or we all perish. What they want is for men to do the work silently. With no acknowledgement. For no reward.

There’s a word for that: slavery.
First up, the entire power grid is down. 100% of power plant operators, distributors, and dispatchers are men. Now, it’s possible that there are a few women working in these occupations, but however many there are, they do not make up even 1% of the total workforce, so statistically, 100% of the workforce is male.'

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