India: Union minister denies that men commit suicide

Article here. Excerpt:

'Union minister Maneka Gandhi sparked a controversy when she said that she believes men do not commit suicide. The Union Minister for Women and Child Development further said that she hasn’t heard of a single case of men committing suicide. She was addressing a Facebook live session when she made these comments that angered several users who tagged her as ‘anti-men’.

Her answer to a query, during a Facebook Live session, about the government’s initiative to reduce suicide rates among men has left several people fuming. Gandhi questioned, “Which men have committed suicide? Why not try and resolve the situation rather than commit suicide – I have not heard/read of a single case.”

The minister, through the three-hour long chat on the social media site, was pilloried by people for being “anti- men” and spent most part of the chat trying to answer questions the over the issue. “What is @wcd doing to make sure parental alienation (father’s from his kids) is not in practise. Isn’t alienating a child from his/her biological father a crime?,” posted a social media user.'

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